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Three cheers and a heel-click for finished knitting projects!

I am so happy with how this I Got You Bag from Wool And The Gang turned out! They kindly sent me the kit a few weeks ago and I loved stitching away on it during any spare moment. Wool And The Gang just released their New Wave eco friendly yarn from discarded plastic bottles and the I Got you Bag is one of their new knit accessories in the collection!

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The New Wave yarn is is 47% Plastic 53% Cotton, and there are 3 whole recycled plastic bottles in each 100g ball of yarn and the collection includes 8 kits to choose from. The collection includes projects from beanies to bags to sweaters, both knit and crochet making it ideal for everyone to choose their favorite and start making!

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The I Got You Bag pattern was really easy to follow. It's a great beginner bag project for sure! What I liked the most is the beautiful stitch it uses! The hardest part was the assembly. Once you finish all of that hard work, you want to make sure the seams are clean and even. After weaving in the final length of yarn, I was so proud to show off this beautiful bag. I look forward to using it for my market shopping! Head over to Wool And the Gang to get your hands on one of their fabulous kits and make your own|

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The lovely squshy yarn knit up really fast. With the drape and texture of cotton, you’d never know it was plastic. I really love WATG’s new motto for this yarn: Cotton on the outside = Super soft to touch
Recycled plastic on the inside = Protecting our oceans 🌊

I really suggest you give this new yarn a try! There are 12 coloways to choose from (I went with Mellow Mauve) ranging from bold colors to a minimal color palette. 

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Head over to Wool And The Gang to get your hands on one of their fabulous kits or choose your New Wave yarn to get making!

How are your projects coming along?