Summer is a great time for wearing lacy and airy crochet items. Whether you are in the city or on holidays somewhere near the sea having airy and lightweight crochet items thrown over your shoulders can just be an essential part of your everyday style. This triangle fringe shawl is one of my go-to summer looks and I love that it's easy and fast to make.
This is also the perfect project to team up with my good friends at Black Sheep Wools, who kindly offered my the new Hayefield Fiesta DK yarn to make this shawl (I also made this  knit pillow using the same gorgeous yarn if you haven't seen it yet). The yarn is pretty much the perfect for this project as it has a really soft feel and is fun to work with. It's silky texture is just the perfect detail for the shawl giving it a luxurious yet casual style!

Here are the supplies:
- Fudgecake (503) Hayfield Fiesta DK (50% bamboo, 50% acrylic) approx. 2 balls for shawl + fringes
- Flamenco (507) Hayfield Fiesta DK (50% bamboo, 50% acrylic) 1 ball
- 5.00 mm crochet hook
- yarn needle
- scissors

Row 1: ch 4 then dc in 4th ch from hook. You now have the bottom of the scarf.
Row 2:  Ch 4 (counts as dc and ch 1 here and throughout) and dc into the same stitch as starting ch. ch 1 , dc in first dc from row 1, ch 1, dc in the next st. from previous row, ch 1, dc in last stitch, ch 1, dc in same stitch. Turn (5 dc)
Row 3:  Ch 4 and dc in the same stitch, ch 1, dc in next stitch ( dc from previous row), ch 1, dc in next dc, ch 1, dc in next st, dc in 3rd chain (ch 4 from previous row) ch 1, dc in the same 3rd ch. Turn. (7 dc) (see above photo for what you should have so far)
Row 4 -47: Repeat row 3 by increasing at the beginning and end of the scarf (working two sts in starting and ending sts.)

To finish off, cut strands of yarn approx. 14 inc long, fold in middle and using the Lark's Head Knot add to each point, or chains at both sides of shawl. I placed two fringes to each point to make the shawl more chunky, but this is up to you. You could also leave the shawl without fringes if you prefer!

Color Changes:
I wanted to give my shawl more style so I decided to add a contrasting color in bright pink. I made the color changes on Rows: 8-10, 23-25, 39-42. Basically you can crochet more or even less rows in the contrasting color as the shawl is pretty versatile to make but I liked the contrast of camel and pink!

The shawl would also make a lovely sarong or beach cover up!
I hope you enjoyed this easy summer triangle scarf.  If you give this pattern a try, use the #littlethingsblogged hashtag so I can see your progress!

Wishing you all a lovely Friday and cheers to the weekend ahead!


  1. Great shawl for spring and summer. The yarn looks great. Good to hear about it from you.
    Thnaks for sharing the pattern.

    Have a great weekend, Margaret

  2. I love it a lot¡¡¡
    Easy to make and wear.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a good weekend¡¡¡

  3. I like its boho vibe, perfect for summer. And it's great how it's light enough for this season but will still give you the necessary warmth.