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The above bunny was made for a Greek DIY site last year. Get the pattern here  (Note: pattern is in Greek)
Wishing you a happy weekend!


The Crochet Spring Beanie Pattern is finally here; made in a lovely shade of sky blue in bulky yarn!. You can find it on Etsy and on Ravelry!

The story of this beanie goes back to last February, when a friend asked to make a slouchy beanie in vibrant colors!  After choosing the yarn (Katia Alaska is the brand used), I picked the colors (Sky Blue 20)and started designing the beanie. I choose a stitch combination that resembles shells and immediately started to crochet away!

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this beanie pattern and will enjoy making it as much as I did! The possibilities regarding the color variations are really endless! You can even make it stripy!

I myself am thinking of making one for me in the lovely green pictured above! Isn't it a really beautiful shade?

Please enjoy the pattern by clicking here or here and crochet your own beanie!
Wishing you all have a wonderful weekend!


Spring is associated with flowers and bright colors! At least this is the case for me! I have to tell you though that spring is very slowly coming over here as the weather is constantly grey and rainy! This does not stop me dreaming of it though, so these bright flower coasters have definitely made my day!

You can find the pattern for the Spring Flower Coasters on Etsy & Ravelry!

I used bright colors in a soft 100% cotton yarn; Rico Creative Cotton is the brand used in the sample! What I really like about summer yarns is their bright and vibrant color shades! These can really make your day!
I used a 3.5 mm hook (U.S E/4) to make the coasters although the yarn label suggests using a 5 mm (U.S H/8)! The pattern  is written in US terms and includes pictures, abbreviation keys, stitch counts and extra notes to help explain.

Please enjoy the pattern by clicking here or here and if you make some flower coasters I'd definitely like to see!
I cannot wait to show you what else I'm working on! Exciting times ahead!
Enjoy the rest of your day!


Beanies are definitely my favorite accessory! Since spring is slowly approaching (we've still got lots of grey and rainy days over here) I thought I'd kick off this new season with a fun and easy two-tone spring colored beanie!

If you're new to knitting this would be an ideal project to perfect your skills! If you're not familiar with knitting in the round you could easily make the beanie using straight needles (you will work the beanie in Stockinette Stitch).
-Worsted weight yarn in two shades ( I chose bright pink and purple)
-6 mm ( US 10) circular knitting needle
-set of 6 mm (US 10) DPNS needles
-pom pom maker (you could also use your fingers or cardboard)
-tapestry needle

CO = Cast On
K = Knit
P = Purl
K2tog = Knit 2 Together (decrease 1 stitch)

CO 54 sts with color 1 onto the circular needles and close to work in the round being careful not to twist the sts.
Work Ribbing
Round 1: *K1 P1, repeat from * to end of round
Repeat Round 1 6 more times.

Knit every round until piece measures 7 inches (19 cm) from CO edge.
Round 1: *K7, k2tog, repeat from * to end of round. (48 sts)
Round 2: Knit.
Round 3: *K6, k2tog, repeat from * to end of round. (42 sts)
Round 4: Knit.
Round 5: *K5, k2tog, repeat from * to end of round. (36 sts)
Round 6: Knit.
Round 7: *K4, k2tog, repeat from * to end of round. (30 sts)
Round 8: *K3, k2tog, repeat from * to end of round. (24 sts)
Transfer all stitches from knitting needle over to tapestry needle. Once on tapestry needle, pull yarn tight to close hole in the top of hat and secure crown by weaving it into the inside of the hat.
Attach pom pom to top of hat and you're done!

Note: You could easily make this beanie in smaller or larger sizes. Just remove or add more stitches when casting on!
If you decide to make your own beanie I'd definitely love to see; you can either share a picture on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!
Enjoy the rest of your day!


Taking care of your wool is an essential part in every crochet and knitting handbook! Wool needs some extra care when it comes to cleaning it, so when the lovely peeps from Allure Wash by Bijou Basin Ranch contacted me I was thrilled to  prepare a tutorial on how to care for your knitwear in order to remain soft!
Allure is a no residue, no rinse cleanser for all of your hand-knit and delicate fabrics is available in three fabulous fragrances, Woodland Mist (my personal favorite), Prairie Breeze, and of course, Fragrance Free.
Gather your pieces to be washed and fill up a sink or tub with cold water. Never use hot water to wash your knitwear as it tends to shrink and this is definitely not your aim!
Add the Allure Fiber Wash detergent! I love Woodland Mist; it smells lovely! Also you don't need to worry about rinsing later as it is specially formulated for washing knitwear! 

Place your knit in the tub or sink, immerse it and soak fore about 10 minutes! Gently squeeze it, trying not to wring your item as it can be pulled out of shape permanently if handled carelessly while being washed.
Once you're ready take out your knitwear, rinse it slightly and lay it flat on a towel. Roll the towel  to remove water. Never squeeze your knitwear upon washing to remove excess water; this will also result in damaging the wool!
Dry your knitwear on a flat, moisture-resistant surface which lets air circulate. Keep it away from sun and heat. Keep in mind that knitwear tends to create some pills after many washs! This is only natural and can easily be removed by using a a fine-tooth comb or a pill remover.
I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial on how to wash and care for your wool items! 
I definitely recommend you try Allure Fiber Wash out! The knitwear comes out really soft and smells great!
You can always find out more tips on washing your items with Allure Fiber Wash on their website and if your not familiar with it you can request a free sample to try out!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Disclaimer ::
I received a sample to review from the maker free of charge. This review is my honest opinion. I did not accept any payment for this review nor did I agree in advance to publish a positive review.


When I first heard the story behind Mountain Meadow Wool, I was really excited for the opportunity to work with a such a lovely merino yarn! 

First off, for those of you who don't know anything about Mountain Meadow Wool and or their yarns, they are a company based in Wyoming, US. The yarn that I was lucky enough to receive is Sheridan, which is a worsted weight 3-ply of 100% mountain merino wool. When I first pulled the yarn out of the box I was immediately impressed with how light, lofty, and oh-so-squishy the skeins were. The yarn itself is beautiful and balanced as it also is haddyed, and running a strand through my fingers the yarn is wonderfully soft and smooth!

The company has quite a large selection of yarns to choose from; I chose the the colors Pansy and Fern! The tag suggests using a 5.5mm (US 9) needle but I ended up using a 6mm (US 10) for my project!
I came across the Capucine Hat on Ravelry, a knit earflap hat. I really liked its simple and clean design, which I thought would depict the real softness of the yarn while keeping my cozy at the same time!
The hat works up really quickly and is also suitable for beginners in knitting! 
I changed the pattern a bit and worked the whole body of the hat in garter stitch as I really like the specific effect of the garter stitch! 
Also, the yarn turned out to be the ideal  for the hat as its handdyed nature adds a bit of that extra something to the outcome! One skein turned out be enough to make the whole hat!

If you haven't I recommend you grab yourself of the squishy yarn to try out! You'll be really impressed by its softness!

How did you spent your weekend? Did you work on anything exciting?
Wishing a great and happy new week!

Disclaimer ::
I received a sample to review from the maker free of charge. This review is my honest opinion. I did not accept any payment for this review nor did I agree in advance to publish a positive review.