Chunky knits, bright yarn & coffee!

 Chunky knitting!
 I love this yarn colors! Can't wait to show you more!
 Working on a custom order while sipping some coffee!
 Outdoor knitting! The best!
Bright color stripes for something really special!
 My blooming hyacinth!
 The best way to spent an afternoon! Chunky crochet and coffee!
 Can't wait to share more of this project!
 Lovely new yarn colors! Can't wait to start using these!
Working on my latest crochet hat pattern!

Hello friends! I hope you're doing fine!

I have been working on many new projects which I cannot wait to share here with you! January has been a hectic month so far but a really productive one! I have been working on new beanie designs and also worked on something really exciting using bright colored yarn in sky blue and yellow!

The last few days have been sunny and quite warm allowing me to spend some time crocheting and knitting outdoors! It's basically the second time I take my knits outdoors and I am  really enjoying it! 

I also bought this beautiful blue/purple hyacinth which bloomed during this week, feeling the living room with a lovely spring-ish and flowery smell! 

What have you been up to? Working on any exciting projects?
Hope you have a great weekend!

All images via Instagram!


  1. Tantalising bits you're showing us :-). It al looks really nice. Had to smile when I saw the light grey part. I finished a cowl just a few day's ago loking exactly like that . It was a gift for a friend and she just loved it :-))

    1. Thanks Nelleke!

      Isn't the color awesome? It's not so much of a cowl...I will be sharing more soon!

  2. How do you manage to crochet and read? I can knit and read as long as it's relatively simple knitting but crochet needs to be stared at!!

    1. Haha! You're right there Carie, it's definitely easier to combine these two when knitting!
      When I am crocheting simple projects I manage to read a page or two!:)

  3. So cute!
    I'd like to learn knitting!


    1. Hey Vicky! You should definitely try it out! I learned how to knit during the previous year and I have to admit it is really fun! :)

  4. I love your black and white pants!

    1. Thank you! They're really comfy and warm! Perfect for grey and cold days!

  5. Hi Tanya....tantalizing peeks at what you're doing....some of those colors look so yummy! I wish I had a place to sit outside and crochet...will have to work on that.
    There's a CAL I really want to follow and actually crochet along with them, but I have to first finish a prayer shawl for a friend who's about to have surgery. It's a longish shawl and taking way longer than I had's been a busy week and am just getting around to taking down the Christmas tree and all that decor....including my collection of over 200 Santas - all sizes from less than two inches to over 3 ft. tall! I hate putting them away, but no place to keep them out all the time (and keep them from getting dusty and dirty!)
    Tomorrow I should have more time to finish shawl and (finally!) join the CAL! (at Look at What I Made).

    1. Oh my! You've definitely got a lot going on! 200 Santas? That's quite a number there!
      I just read about the CAL, sounds like so much fun!
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing some of your project list!:)