Knitting, Yarn & Coffee

 I am in love with this color palette!
 Lazy Sundays!
Coffee & crochet!
Forest walks are my favorite!
I recently made these mini choco/vanilla cakes!
 Working on a new chunky crochet project!
 New knitting project!
Note taking, cupcake eating and crocheting!

Happy Friday to you! These are a few of my favorite Instagram snapshots! Seasons are changing, so inevitably my yarn color palette has been filled with warmer and autumnish colors!:)

I have been working on several projects, which I can't wait to share here on the blog! The list includes knitting as well, as I am trying to perfect my skills, as I desperately want to knit up a sweater or a cardigan!
If you have any suggestions/ books/ patterns regarding this matter please share them!

Regarding crochet, I can only tell you that something big is coming! Haha! I have been working with super bulky/chunky yarn and a large crochet hook; I can;t wait to show you the finished thing!

Wishing you a relaxing weekend!
Enjoy the rest of your day!