The Yarn Over List - Pretty Patterns

Hoodie / / This Tunisian Crochet hoodie is simply stunning!
Jar Toppers / / These jar covers are so adorable!
Guest Towel / / I love this guest towel set by Jeanette!
Plant Cozy / / I love the colors used in this cozy!
Bake / / I love these pink and black cookies!
Illustration / / Girl & Balloon.

Happy Monday to all! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I really really like the Tunisian Crochet pink hoodie! I can't wait to start working a bit on my Tunisian Crochet skills and then attempt this lovely design! I know it's not an actual summer project, but it's always nice to start palnning for fall!:)

I started working on my crochet top which is progressing really  nicely. I have finished the back part and have now started working on the two front straps! So far I am really happy with the way it's turning out! I can't wait to show you more!

Other than that the weekend was really quiet; I needed some relaxing in order to refill my batteries as these past few weeks have been really crazy! 

Did you do anything special? How are your projects coming along?