The Yarn Over List - Painted Garden

Crochet Pouf / / Amazing crochet pouf by La Casa de Cotó!
Crochet Brooch / / I love this elegant and vintage brooch!
Crochet Edging  / / I love this dishtowel edging via Petals to Picots!
Embroidery / / I love these embroidered flowers on the black and white fabric!
Eat / / Strawberry lemonade popsicles! Yay!
Illustration / / Painted Garden via Kelly Ventura!

This week's inspiration finds are all amazing! I especially like the vintage crochet brooch and the amazing embroidered little red and pink flowers! I think that the title Painted Garden really captures the spirit behind making this post!:)

This weekend, I finished up a project I have been working on for some time now! I plan on sharing it within the week and the only thing I can tell you so far is that it includes super bright and vibrant colors!:)
I am also working on some African flower hexagons! Making these is really addictive plus the pattern is easy to follow so they work up really quickly!
I also worked a bit on my baking skills and made some forest fruit scones! They turned out quite delicious!

I would also like to thank the sweet Eliane of Roest Haakt for including me in her top ten Crochet Instagram accounts! I feel really honored to be able to inspire others! Thank you so much Eliane!

How did you spent your weekend? Did you start / finish any projects?
Wishing you a happy start to the new week!

5 Things I Love Saturday

1. So bright and happy!
2. I can't get enough of these beautiful images from this talented lady.
3. This is absolutely amazing.
4. Fun and cozy - what more could you want?
5. Yes, please!

Image via Instagram.
Wishing you a happy weekend!

Crochet Donuts Pattern

Ever since I made this crochet cake last year, I've been dying to make more crochet desserts! I decided to make some crochet donuts using really bright colors for the icing! The cool thing is that they are very very easy to make and once you get started you won't know how to stop! 

Basically the donuts are made in two pieces; first you will make the base and then you will make the icing for the donuts! The fun part is the decorating part where you can really use your imagination and create some fun decorations!:)

100 % acrylic yarn (light brown for the base, any colors for icing) 
4mm (G) crochet hook
Toy stuffing
Yarn needle (to sew the parts together)
Beads (for decorating)
Fabric glue (optional, you can also sew your beads on the icing)

With light brown
Ch 18 and sl st in first st to form a ring,
R1: *sc, inc* repeat from * to * around (27)
R2: sc in each st around (27)
R3: *2sc, inc* repeat from * to * around (36)
R4-10: sc in each st around (36)
R11: *2sc, dec* repeat from * to * around (27)
R12: sc in each st around (27)
R13: *1sc, dec* repeat from * to * around (18)
R14: sc in each st around (18)
Fasten off.
Leave a long tail for sewing the donut together. You will pinch the starting chain (18) and ending R14 (18) and sew the donut base closed. You will stuff as you sew.

With color of your choice,
Ch 18 and sl st in first st to form a ring,
R1: *sc, inc* repeat from * to * around (27)
R2: sc in each st around (27)
R3: *2sc, inc* repeat from * to * around (36)
R4: sc in each st around (36)
Now you will start form your icing drops. To form these just work either 2-3 dcs in the same st or work 2-3 trs in the same st. Work the drops randomly around.
R5: sc in each st around (remember to work the drops in some sts)
Fasten off.
 Leave a long tail for sewing. Sew the icing onto the donut base.
And now the fun part! You can either decorate your donuts with beads, just glue them on or you can cut stripes of yarn and glue them on! Just use your imagination!:)
These donuts are really fun to make! If you decide to make your own I'd love to see and you're more than welcome to share a photo on Facebook orTwitter!
Enjoy the rest of your day!

Untangling Yarn With Stephanie Lau from All About Ami

Today I am so happy to introduce an incredibly talented crochet and amigurumi designer from Canada, Stephanie Lau. Stephanie's blog, All About Ami, recently got a makeover (I immediately fell in love with her blog header), is filled with the cutest amigurumi creatures you've ever seen! Today she is giving us a peek inside her yarn world and sharing what she loves most about crochet. Enjoy!

When did you first learn to crochet?
I first learned to crochet when I was ten years old. I learned from a book and I loved crocheting hats, scarves and sweaters for my teddy bears and dolls!
What is it that you love most about crochet?
I think it’s amazing how you can create so many different items from simply a ball of yarn and a crochet hook, from toys and baskets to sweaters and scarves! Crocheting allows me to exercise my creative and artistic side, and I find it very therapeutic. I always get such a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when I complete a project, and I love gifting handmade items to friends and seeing the look on their faces!
What's your favourite thing to crochet?
My favourite thing to crochet is amigurumi since it is so unique! I never thought that I would be able to design and crochet my own stuffed animals from scratch. Each amigurumi is so different and full of personality- even when people follow the same pattern, everybody’s work turns out differently. People have such a soft spot for amigurumi, whether they’re being carried around everywhere by a toddler, displayed proudly on a shelf, or serving as a desk buddy for someone at work. They can be taken anywhere and are dearly loved by their owners!
What's been your best crochet achievement?
I was extremely honoured and surprised when I won 1st place in the Canadian “Made in Blog 2013” Awards in the category of “Design/Home/DIY/Craft”. I was really not expecting this as there were many other wonderful blogs nominated in this category, and I was the only crochet blog. I was so thankful to be recognised in this way and to be able to represent the crochet and crafting community. It’s also been an honour being featured in lovely crochet magazines such as “Simply Crochet” and “Inside Crochet”.

Where do you find inspiration?
We find inspiration everywhere around us, from cute pictures or characters we see in stores, on-line or on television, or beautiful cowls or headbands we see in magazines or while shopping. It’s so much fun when Ryan and I brainstorm ideas and one thought leads to the next, and sooner than you know it, we’re off and running with a new design!
What are you working on at the moment?
I’m working on some newborn hats for friends who just had baby girls! It melts my heart whenever I see these little ones wearing items that I crocheted for them. I recently saw some really cute amigurumi hedgehogs in the “Handmade Toys Bookazine” as well, so I hope I can get started on one soon too!

Where do you feel most comfortable crocheting?
I love crocheting in my workspace as it is very bright and welcoming. This is where my yarn shelf is located and where I display all my amigurumi too! I love sitting on my big comfy chair, turning on some music and crocheting with some snacks and tea nearby!
Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?
I used to love making jewelry and doing beadwork when I was younger, and I recently started  taking it up again! I love wearing jewelry, so it’s neat being able to design and create my own. I  also really enjoy baking as I find it very therapeutic as well. I love trying out new recipes and  sharing treats with friends and family, and now I have a little 1.5 year old baking helper who enjoys helping me combine all the ingredients together!

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely creations Stephanie! I hope you all enjoy these Untangling Yarn With posts as much as I do. I love getting a behind the scenes look at another yarn crafter’s creative process. I mean, isn’t the little amigurumi dragon stunning?
Wishing you a happy Wednesday!

The Yarn Over List - Beadspreads, Poufs & Ampersands

 Bedspread / / I love everything about this bedspread design! Simply gorgeous!
Granny Square Basket / / What a lovely tutorial for these granny square baskets!
Poufs / / These poufs might be knitted but are so cool!
DIY / / I have to try make my own peg loom! 
 Eat / / These honeycomb cookies via A Beautiful Mess look delicious!
Illustration / / I love this floral ampersand

Happy Monday to all! I pretty much love all these finds! I immediately loved the Thompson Family bedspread! Such an amazing combination of colors and patterns! I think that the popcorn flowers add a really special touch to the whole project!

This weekend was a relaxing one! We had the opportunity to take some time of and visit a nearby town to spend the weekend! It was truly wonderful although the weather was really bad; it was raining most of the days apart from yesterday where the sun decided to appear and shine away!

I managed to work on some upcoming projects for the blog and also I crocheted in public for the first time!:) I know this might seem a bit strange but I am not that confident in crocheting in public just yet! I really enjoyed it though and I also got some lovely comments from the people in the cafe!:)

I really hope you had a wonderful weekend too! Do you ever crochet/knit in public?
Enjoy the rest of your Monday!
P.S. Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my Amigurumi Owl post!

Granny Squares, Giraffes & Kokeshi Dolls!

 Granny square in the making!:)
Working on a new project!
Enjoying some crochet time!
Working on some Kokeshi Dolls!
Some of my crochet books!
Trying out some swatches!
A sneak peek of my amigurumi owl photoshooting!:)

These are some of my recent makings in the crochet world! I have been working on a lot of projects which I cannot wait to share with you here on the blog! :)

I especially like working the ripple stitches! It was a new stitch for me to try out and honestly I enjoyed this a lot! I will definitely be using it more on future projects! Also I have been working on some new amigurumi designs including the little purple giraffe! Hopefully I will be able to share more on this very soon!:)

Other than that, I have been enjoying the warm and sunny days although some drops of rain make their appearance from now to then!:)

Wishing you a happy weekend! What have you been working on?

Amigurumi Owl Pattern

I really love this amigurumi owl! First off, it’s an easy amigurumi version, so everyone can make it. Second, I love that you can personalize your owl by choosing the colors you prefer! I decided to make one in blue and one in green, but honestly I can't wait to make some more! Both owls put an uber smile on my face.
100 % Cotton Yarn (turquoise/green orange, white and grey) I used Catania
3.5 (E) crochet hook
15mm amigurumi eyes
Toy stuffing
Yarn needle (to sew the body parts)

With color of your choice,
Ch 2 and make 8 sc in 2nd ch from hook
or make a magic ring and make 8 sc into the ring
R1: inc in each st around (16)
R2: *1 sc, inc, *, repeat from * to * around (24)
R3: *2 sc, inc, repeat from * to * around (32)
R4: *3 sc, inc, repeat from * to * around (40)
R5: *4 sc, inc, repeat from * to * around (48)
R6: *5 sc, inc, repeat from * to * around (56)
R7: *6 sc, inc, repeat from * to * around (64)
R8-24: sc in each st around (64)
R25: *6 sc, dec, * repeat from * to* around (56)
R26: *5 sc, dec, * repeat from * to* around (48)
R27-31: sc in each st around (48)
Fasten off but leave a long tail for joining the top.
Stuff your owl, remeber to stuff firmly by shaping the stuffing in place. You may want to add your eyes before closing the top!
Insert your crochet hook, where you fastened off. Ch 1 and sc through both thickness of top part to close the opening. Sc all the way to the end and fasten off.

Using white yarn, make 2
Ch 2 and make 8 sc in 2nd ch from hook
or make a magic ring and make 8 sc into the ring
R1: inc in each st around (16)
R2: inc in each st around (32)
R3: sc in ach st around (32)
Fasten off. Place the 15 mm eye in the center; position in lace and sew the eye on the owl.

Using grey yarn, make 2
Ch 2 and make 5 sc in 2nd ch from hook
or make a magic ring and make 5 sc into the ring
R1: inc in each st around (10)
R2: *1 sc, inc, *, repeat from * to * around (15)
R3: *2 sc, inc, repeat from * to * around (20)
R4-12: sc in each around (20)
Fasten off. Sew the opening closed using a yarn needle and then sew on sides of the owl.

Using orange yarn,
Ch 2 and make 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook
or make a magic ring and make 6 sc into the ring
R1: inc in each st around (12)
R2-5: sc in each st around (12)
R6: *sc, dec, * repeat from * to* around (8)
Fasten off. Sew in middle of the eyes.
I hope you enjoy this lil amigurumi owl! If you decide to make your own I'd love to see and you're more than welcome to share a photo of your owl on Facebook or Twitter!
Enjoy the rest of your day!

The Yarn Over List- Just Fruit

Pineapple Sweater / / I love the color of this beautiful pineapple sweater from Vogue Knitting Crochet 2013!
Fruity Potholders / / These fun and bright fruity potholders are super adorable!
Hexagons / / I think I'm in love with hexagons lately!
DIY / / I am in love with this citrus mini purse!
Eat / / I am definitely going to try these fruity popsicles!
Illustration / / Watermelons!

Happy Monday to you! Here's to a great start to the new week! I absolutely adore these vibrant fresh and fruit finds! I am definitely going to make the fruity trivets I spotted on The Purl Bee! I am thinking of using extra vibrant colors; I must take aa walk to my local yarn shop to get some new and fresh yarn colors!

My mind and notebook are currently filled with ideas and I really can't wait to start working on them!:) During the weekend I had the best time since I finally got some time to work on some new projects and patterns I will be sharing this week on the blog! The only thing I can tell you right now is that they are super cute and very colorful!:)

What did you do this the weekend? Did you work on anything exciting?
Wishing you a happy new week!