The Yarn Over List- Cherry Heart

Red Beret / / I love hats; this cherry blossom berret by Kath Webber is lovely!
Giant Cherries / / These cherries are ridiculusly cute!
Square Heart / / I love this square heart via How to Crochet a Heart.
Heart Cuffs / / These boot cuffs are totally cute! My kinda style!
DIY / / I love this cute heart idea! 
Baking / / Yummy cherry heart cupcakes!
Cherries / / via Bouffants and Broken Hearts.

Happy Monday to all! This Yarn Over List is devoted to the bright red color! Afterall it is the dominant color during February and Valentine's Day.

This weekend was realxing and all about flowers! The last few days the weather has been great over here; so I went to the local flower market and bought some brightly colored roses!:)

This week I've got some exciting crochet projects to share, one is my crochet mood blanket progress! It is working out lovely and is finally starting to look as a blanket! So excited, can't wait to show you more!

How did you spent your weekend? Have you crocheted anything for Valentine's Day?
Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. I have made a cute heart garland to hang in my kitchen. I have loads of heart-like ideas but not the time to make them all!!