Crochet Mood Blanket Progress

I love my blanket! 

Seriously, when you give a yarn obsessed girl pretty colors and a hook things get really exciting!:) I have been working on my blanket for almost a month now and finally it has started to transform from simple rows to a blanketish piece! Ok it's not that big yet, but I can cover my knees with it! Haha!

I am enjoying my blanket making! Since it is the first time I am attempting such a big project, at the beginning I was really nervous of how it will turn out, how many squares I'd have to make, about the size and so on! Now I am simply crocheting away! Most afternoons I grab my cup of coffee and make a few squares especially when I have busy days ahead! I have also started to think about the border I am going to add! I was thinking of adding something scalloped or the double V stitch one! Any ideas / recommendations on that? 

How are your projects coming along? 
Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day!
P.S. I am so happy that you liked Elena's hot water bottle sweater!:)


  1. Your blanket is gorgeous!!
    Happy valentine's day Tanya!!!
    Xxxxxxxxxx Ale
    P.s. Did you receive my parcel? If not, I have to make a complain to dhl!!! Thank you, xxxxx

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! I love your blanket and have been lusting after making a similar one since I saw one by Sols(tr)ikke. Hmm I like the double V for this blanket. Enjoy, it is looking super cheery.

  3. looks lovely! I'm a little behind on mine! I think its defo a job for the weekend to catch up! Sarah-Jayne x

  4. Great colours Tanya! I think a scalloped edge is the best for blankets.

    Happy weekend x

  5. Your blanket looks so pretty. I love all the different colours.
    Ali x

  6. The blanket looks very nice and you use the typicall tanja stile for it XD That's great. I think choosing a border is difficult because there are so many ideas how you can make it XD. I often can't decide which one I will use.

    At the moment I'm making a blanket by myself but it's not with granny squares but with colourchanging yarn and a shell stitch!

  7. Love your blanket. It's beautiful. Greetings Tinie

  8. Great blanket - I really like the colours, and grannies are my favourite. I have been making some crochet pin cushions, garlands and cushions for my first ever craft fair.

  9. I LOVE this so much! This is turning out so gorgeous, the colors are fantastic. Joining as they go is such a good idea, I should have done that with my starburst blanket! I have a box of squares I don't want to join...