The Yarn Over List- Gold & Brown Winter

Chestnut Cushion / / I love this cute cushion by Claudine Et Compagnie! So freakin' adorable!
Beanie / / I love this photo by Always Rooney! And the beanie of course!
Naturally Dyed Yarn / / Yes! Liesl is dyeing yarn naturally! With walnuts, parsley or beets!
Lacy Shawl / / I love this shawl made with the Tunisian crochet technique! Simply gorgeous!
DIY / / I love this weaving tutorial on the Etsy blog by Clare!
Illustration / / via Vikky Chu.

Happy Monday to all! I really love each one of this finds! I think I have an addiction on brown colored items lately! I really enjoyed this weaving tutorial found on the Etsy blog! I am tempted to try it out very very soon (just realised I added another to-do on my list, which is now seriously enormous)!:)

This weekend as well as the previous week was full of crocheting, mainly amigurumi! I am currently working on 3 or 4 projects simultaneously! I really do not know how I manage that!:) My notebook is full with pattern notes and ideas that keep flowing in my head! One of the projects I am working on is a fox pattern! I am so addicted to foxes, since I made my fox wrist warmers and my mini fox, that I decided I had to make a bigger version of it! 

I am also participating in the 2014 Crochet Mood Blanket challenge! I have found this crochet-a-long to be the perfect motivation to make my first ever crochet blanket! Monica from Mon Makes Things recently interviewed the creator of this challenge, so pop over to her blog to find out more! 

How did you spent your weekend? Are currently you working on any projects?


  1. the chestnut cushion : gorgeous!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. Hello! I am new to your blog and am really enjoying have a lovely read of all your backdated posts. Will definitely check out the weaving tutorial on Etsy. There are some fantastic textures in such a small piece of work and I would love to try something similar. Thanks for the link! x

    1. Hi there and welcome! I am definitely going to have a try at this weaving project!
      Hope to seeing you around!:)

  3. Love the chestnut! The shawl pin is gorge!


  4. Okay, the chestnut cushion is too cute!