Tea, Yarn & Crochet

Yarn and tea! This was my kind of thing in December!
I crocheted some bows as gift toppers!
Hello there!
 Roses were are still blooming!:)
 Hey that's us over there!:)
 December was all about being cozy!
 I also started making some granny squares!
Working on a new project!

I love using Instagram as a way to capture photos and lovely colors. It has been awhile since I shared my daily life on the blog so I thought I would post some of my December activity. I think that these images depict my optimistic perspective for the new year!:)

The last picture is from a new project I am currently working on! Can you guess what it is?
Do you use Instagram? You can find my photos under my username ltblogged. What kind of images do you like to capture?
Have a happy weekend!
P.S. Thank you for all the lovely comments on my Best 2013 Pattern Selection! Couldn't have done it without your encouragement and support!


  1. Nice photos :) I've given up Instagram altogether. I prefer the old fashioned blog instead :)
    What are you making? A swedish-inspired amigurumi? :)

  2. I love instagram too. Amazing photos!

  3. Tea, yarn and crochet - my everyday pleasure, too :-). What more could one want?
    About Instagram: I haven't tried it up to now. Maybe I will do so some day in future, I don't know.
    Happy 2014 and have a nice Sunday!

  4. Kokeshi dolls are amazing :) greets