Crochet Colorful Bunting Pattern-Homemade@myplace

I am excited to have Alessandra from homemade@myplace here with us today! If you haven’t, pop on over her site, it has all sorts of fun, colorful and lovely crochet projects. And today, she is here to share her pattern for an easy colorful bunting. I can't wait to give this a try! 

The Little Things Bunting Tutorial
Hello! My name is Alessandra and I’m really honoured that Tanya invited me to write a guest post (my first one!) on her lovely and happy blog! THANK YOU!
During our emails exchange, Tanya underlined how much she likes my colourful style and she thought that it would have been nice to add some colour to the New Year! I totally agreed with her request!
This is the simple reason behind the birth of my “Little Things Bunting”, a colourful garland dedicated to Tanya and all the nice people who follow her blog!

Before starting this project, you’ll need to collect:
-Some colourful yarns (I’ve used acrylic, but you can choose any yarn you prefer to work with)
-A hook (in my case: 5mm)
-A yarn needle
-A pair of scissors
Please note, that the pattern is written using US crochet terminology.
Tip: each time you end a row, after fastening off, with the help of the yarn needle, trim in the ends of your work! Less work later!
You’ll need to crochet a total of 9 rectangular flags: 
-3 small (“S”) flags 
-2 medium (“M”) flags 
-4 large (“L”) flags 
You can choose how many colours you want for each flag. 
Remember you’ll work each row in the front of your work, because each time you finish a row, you need to fasten off and cut the yarn. No “turning” is needed here. 
I suggest you leave a tail (10 cm long) at the beginning of each flag and one tail at the end. Both tails will be helpful in the embellishments of your bunting!

FLAG “L” (large)
Choose a colour to start with and pick the hook. Make a slip knot and chain 23 (20+3, where 3 is considered as your first double crochet or DC) and insert the hook in the 5th stitch from the hook and work a proper DC. Crochet another 18 DCs till you reach the end of your starting chain. You’ll have a total of 20 stitches (your first “3 chains” and 19 DCs). This is your first row. Cut yarn and fasten off.
Row 2: choose a new colour and insert your hook in the top of your first stitch (=”3 chains”) and chain 3. Crochet 19 DCs, one for each previous DC of row 1.
Rows 3- 9: as row 2.
Cut yarn and fasten off.

FLAG “M” (medium)
The pattern to follow is the same as the large flag, but this time you have to crochet a smaller foundation chain: 13 stitches.You have to complete 5 rows.The first row will consist of 10 stitches: the fake DC (given by the “3 chains”)+ 9 actual DCs.
Rows 2-5: as row 1
Cut yarn and fasten off.

FLAG “S” (small)
You have to crochet only 3 rows, following the same pattern as before!At the end of the 3rd row (as for each row!), cut yarn and fasten off.

As you can see from all the pictures, each flag has some points at its bottom:
-4 points for FLAG “L”
-2 points for FLAG “M”
-1 point for FLAG “S”
They are very easy to crochet and they give the right touch to the flags!

Choose a colour and make a slip knot on your hook.Insert the hook in the space between “3 chains” and your first DC of the first row of any flag. Make a single crochet (SC). Chain 7. Slip stitch in 2nd chain from the hook. Make a single crochet in 3rd stitch. Make a half double crochet in 4th stitch. DC in 5th stitch. Make a half treble in 6th stitch. Complete with a treble in 7th stitch. Crochet a single crochet in the space between “3 chains” and your first DC of the third row of your flag. If you are working on a large flag, you need to repeat the pattern 3 more times! On a medium flag, you have to add an extra point! For a small flag the work is done
!Cut yarn and fasten off. Block your flags.

Pick a new colour and the hook and start to chain 50 stitches.Choose a small flag, insert the hook in the top space between 2 DCs and crochet 2 single crochets in this first row. Crochet 4 more single crochets, 2 in each row.
Now, collect a large flag and repeat the previous scheme: insert the hook in top right space, make 2 single crochets. Crochet 2 single crochets for each row. 
Add all the other flags in the same way, following this flag selection:
-1 small (done)1 large (done)1 medium,1 large,1 small (center of the bunting),1 large,1 medium, 1 large,1 small.
After you have crocheted the last single crochet in your final flag, chain another 50 stitches. Cut yarn and fasten off. To give a little extra embellishment to your bunting, knot little bows between the flags, using the 10cm tails I told you to keep!
Add a dab of clear glue over the knots and cut the excess of yarn.
Enjoy your new bunting!

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing pattern Alessandra! I'm definitely making a colorful bunting soon!
Have you ever made a crochet bunting? Do you like using colorful yarns in your projects too?


  1. I'm completely flattered, with no words, but so happy!!!!!!!!
    hugs and xxxxx all for you Tanya, Ale

  2. Wonderful Ale, I love it! It's very reminisent of beachy huts and flags at the seaside! very sweet, and such neat triangles! I love the colours and hope to have a go, Heather x

  3. These are great Alessandra! And yes, I agree with Heather - definitely got a beach-hut 'feel' to them - fab!!
    Alison x

  4. Love the colors and the flag shape. Thank you.


  5. Yay Ale, it's really pretty and so festive!! Well done!
    Love from Mirjam.

  6. What a funny bunting, Ale! Good idea and a nice colorspot in January :-))
    Nata xxx