The Yarn Over List - Somewhat Golden

Crochet Pleated Cardigan / /  The color, the airy stitches and the back gather of this cardigan! So elegant!
Crochet Retro Circles / /  I love these textured circled squares!
DIY Porcelain Holiday Tree Lights  / / Super easy tutorial on ABM.
Gift Wrapping / / It's the time where we all seek unique gift wrapping ideas! I love this one.
Baking  / / Lemon Poppy seeds Layer Cakes via Sweet Paul Magazine! Yummy!
Words / /  Couldn't agree more, via The Every Girl.

Happy Monday to all! When  I saw the Crochet Pleated Cardigan I immediately fell in love with! I like it's simplicity and the elegance in it's whole design and construction!:) I am also liking this particular color shade at the moment; something between yellow, mustard,  and gold!

The last few days the sun is shining and the temperature has risen slightly! The mountainous areas around here though have been covered in snow! This weekend included a lot of relaxing! Yes I decided to take a little break and relax a bit so that I can prepare for the busy week(s) ahead! I'm completing some Xmas orders and working on some new crochetlings!:) I am also planning on decorating the house this week! I will definitely show some pictures!
P.S. I'm also hosting a XMas Giveaway on Facebook! Come take a look!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday! Did you do anything special this weekend? 


  1. I have been eyeing that cardigan pattern, and in fact bought that magazine last month to get the pattern! The pattern looks quite daunting though.... and I think I need to work up to it trying some easier sweater patterns first. :) ~Stephanie

    1. I immediately fell in love upon seeing this !! I have not bought the magazine yet but I am definitely thinking of it! Sweaters can be a litte scary though with all the pieces and stitches! I agree with you on that!:)