The Yarn Over List - Autumn Mood

Beanie / / I love this textured beanie designed by Claire!
Blanket / / Lovely crochet work by Miga De Pan!
Cardigan / / I love the simplicity of this cute cardigan published in PPQ Issue 7!
Potholders / / Adorable potholders via At Swim -Two-Birds.
Illustration / / Jersey.

Happy Monday to all! This Yarn Over List is filled with autumn mood and colors! Given the fact that we are slowly approaching towards winter, the weather has been getting colder over here, and as I here in some parts of the US it's already snowed, I thought of compiling this week's favorite finds in a cozy mood!

We are slowly approaching towards Christmas, so it's the perfect time to get started on those gifts! I compiled a 20 Crochet Idea List during the weekend to get you inspired! If you haven't go take a look here!:) I can't wait to start making this year's gifts!
Other than that I started working on some new beanie patterns which I hope will be ready within the week!:)

Enjoy the rest of your Moday and have a great start to the week! What have you been up to? Did you start / finish any projects?

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  1. Ive just posted a Christmassy tutorial…..!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale