This Week

 Working on a new crochet pattern that employs color changes!:) It's so much fun to work with four different colors at the same time!

Another wip I'm aiming to finish within the weekend! I just love crocheting and drinking coffee!:)
Afternoon coffees with friends are always nice!
Here's little Kimba playing with the camera!:)
This was taken at the Thessaloniki Etsy team meeting! It was so fun to meet new people! Some crafting was involved too! Vivika (see her guest post on LTB here) from The Wandering Deer also brought her penguin!:)
And of course rain! Today is a very rainy day; it's been raining all morning, but I love the autumn colors  this time of year!

Happy Friday to all! This week is particularly busy! I'm working on two crochet projects at the same time and trying to keep up with daily life!:) I'm so excited and I can;t wait to show you!

I would like to thank you all for your kind and warm comments on my crochet slippers! It is nice to know that my patterns inspire you! This gives me strength and encourages me to design more patterns and keep sharing my crochet adventures!:) 

What have you been up to? Are you also working on two or more projects at the same time?


  1. ....always with more projects on different hooks....I would love to complete them all and then start with one at a time!!!! Pure fantasy, I know!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  2. I am definitely working on more then one project at a time..... and I am about to be adventurous and start my first ever crochet sweater for myself! Eep! Have a great weekend! ~Stephanie

  3. OMG! My cat is the same colour (just a bit fatter haha) and her name is Mumba::D
    Such comfy pictures!
    Greetings from me and Mumba!

  4. Working on more than one projects at the time too, and all the time I could say!I love the fresh look of your blog!And today it is sunny!Isn't it wonderful?AriadnefromGreece!