Crochet Halloween Witch Hat for She Knows.

It's that time of the year again! Pumpkins, spiders, treat bags, spooky decorations! Yep it's Halloween and it's just around the corner! If you still haven't decided what you're gonna wear to the Halloween party or if you just want to make a simple decoration then you can whip up this easy witch hat!

I recently shared this crochet witch hat over at She Knows. It was such a fun and easy project and can be made in an afternoon! The hat size fits an adult but it's easy to adjust the measurements according to your head size or even make one for your little one! And it also has a spider web on top! Sooo spooky!:)
Grab yourself a broom, wear your hat and fly off! Have you made anything to wear or decorate your house this Halloween?


  1. oh nice!!!! my kids consider me as a, I need that hat!!!! ;oD
    thank you, xxxxx Ale

  2. Looks like fun project, but I am afraid now I have no time to make it... but may be for next year? Love your hat, Tanya!

  3. What a beautifull witch hat, bravo :)

  4. This is a real fun witch hat. You made a nice one.

    With love,Margaret

  5. The hat looks wonderful, I love the addition of the cobweb. Thanks for sharing another of your wonderful patterns.
    Ali x