Crochet Halloween Witch Hat for She Knows.

It's that time of the year again! Pumpkins, spiders, treat bags, spooky decorations! Yep it's Halloween and it's just around the corner! If you still haven't decided what you're gonna wear to the Halloween party or if you just want to make a simple decoration then you can whip up this easy witch hat!

I recently shared this crochet witch hat over at She Knows. It was such a fun and easy project and can be made in an afternoon! The hat size fits an adult but it's easy to adjust the measurements according to your head size or even make one for your little one! And it also has a spider web on top! Sooo spooky!:)
Grab yourself a broom, wear your hat and fly off! Have you made anything to wear or decorate your house this Halloween?

The Yarn Over List - XXL Crochet

XXL Socks / / I love these chunky Mai Tai socks by We are Knitters!
Hat / / I love all of Yokoo's designs but this hat is one of my favorites!
A Kord Necklace / / I love Annettes'  XXL necklace!
Bobble Bows / / Emma's chunky bows are adorable!
Giant Granny Blanket / / I must try making this blanket!
Illustration / / Mondaze.

Happy Monday! XXL or chunky crochet! I love the coziness and warmth of such items plus crocheting with a large hook is pretty tempting and fun!:) I can't wait to work on some XXL projects!

Today is a national holiday here in Greece! We are enjoying some time with friends, eating, having coffee and generally relaxing! I would like to thank you all for your kind comments on my crochet socks!

How did you spent your weekend? Did you start/finish any projects?
Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

Crochet Socks.

October! A month where the weather is changing! There is wind, rain, chilly mornings and beautiful autumn sunny days! So it's the perfect time to crochet some cozy and comfy socks to keep those feet happy and warm!:)

It's actually the first time I crochet socks, but it's not much different from crocheting slippers! The pattern comes from Simply Crochet Magazine issue 6! You can get the back issue copy here or even subscribe here

Now back to the sock pattern! I used DK yarn in light purple and green to make my socks as I wanted a combination of bright and happy colors! The socks are worked with a 3.5mm (E) crochet hook and are quite fast and easy to finish! I made my within an afternoon! There are 3 sizes available to make S-M-L. Adjustments regarding the foot length for example, can be made if necessary, which is rather cool since my feet are small!:) The stitches used are basic so even a beginner could attempt these cuties!
I think my feet look quite happy in their new socks!:) Have you ever attempted making any crochet socks?
P.S.  For the cactus pattern go here!
Happy crocheting!

The Yarn Over List: Color Schemes

Crochet Blanket / / I love the colors Maike used in this blanket!

Mitts / / I just love these cute crochet mitts!
Doily / / Revamp your simple doily by adding some colored threads!
Alphabet Pom Poms / / I need to make some of these today!
Color Mountains / / via Kayla King.

Happy Monday! Color schemes are my favorites! I love discovering new color connections and combinations; they always make me happy!

This weekend we had lovely sunny weather, which included walks and generally enjoying the sun activities! I finished up some crochet projects which I will post within the week! I can't wait to show you what I've been making! :)

How did you spent your weekend? Did you start/finish any projects?
Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

Mr.Fox Fingerless Mitts

Autumn comes with pumpkins, changing colors of nature, colder weather and walks in the forest for mushroom hunting! Forest critters like foxes, squirrels and fawns are not easily spotted but they are definitely hiding in there! Inspired by the woodland, I crocheted some the Mr. Fox fingerless mitts to keep me warm and to be able to wander in the forest without scaring little foxes away!:) Of course if I am lucky (!) enough to spot any little fox wandering around I'll definitely try to capture it with my camera!

The wrists were crocheted using the Fair Isle technique. It is traditionally perceived as a knitting technique but it can be a crochet technique as well. This crafty lady has made a series of tutorials as an introduction to fair isle crochet and I definitely recommend watch them all before starting out! Basically the fox was made using 3 strands of yarn plus the basic grey strand. At first it seemed rather difficult but as my work progressed, it became easier and easier! The wrist body was crocheted through back loops to add some texture to the whole pattern. I used worsted weight yarn in grey, brown, white and black. The finished measurements are 17cm (6.5 in) length and 19cm wide (7.5 in) - circumference.
Mr Fox Fingerless Mitts Pattern
With grey and 4.00mm (G) crochet hook.
You are crocheting through back loops only the entire pattern. It is very easy to adjust the width of the mitts to fit your hands, just increase the number of the beg fsc.
For the right mitt:
Fsc 30. Join with a sl st at bottom of first fsc, being careful not to twist.
Round 1: Sc tbl in first fsc, sc to end of round, sl st to beg ch (30).
Round 2: With grey sc tbl in first st, with brown sc tbl in next st, continue up to the end alternating colors in each st, sl st to beg ch (30).
R3-6: With grey sc tbl around, sl st to beg ch (30).
R7: With grey sc tbl (mine was 16sts), start making the fox following the fox image (scrool down), sc tbl around, sl st to beg ch (30)
R8-16: Continue working on your fox, by alternating with grey when necessary.
R17: With grey, sc tbl around, ch 7, leaving the last five sts unworked, sl st to beg ch.
R18-20: With grey, sc tbl around, sl st to beg ch.
R21:With brown,  sc tbl around, sl st to beg ch.
R22:With grey, sc tbl around, sl st to beg ch.
Fasten off.

For the left mitt:
Follow exactly the above pattern bearing in mind to reverse the position of your fox; i.e. after the sl st whereas for the right the fox is placed before the sl st.
I hope you like my new mitts as much as I do! Have you made anything inspired by the woods or this seasons colors?

The Yarn Over List: Woodland Crochet

Woodland Flowers / / Emily's woodland crocheted flowers are superb!
Woodland Yarnbomb / / via Nature Nut Notes.
Crochet Hat / / I love the simplicity of this cute hat made by Elsie from A Beautiful Mess.
Leg warmers  / / I am totally in love with these tapestry crochet leg warmers from Sewing Daisies.
DIY / / Fox rubber stamp fabric.

Illustration / / Fox or Zorro in Spanish via Mundobu.

Happy Monday! This week's Yarn Over List is devoted to woodland crochet! I really love woodland critters plus I guess that the colors of the forest are one of my favorites as well! Almost all my clothing items are of brown or forest related colors (now that I wrote that down it actually sounded a bit weird) :)

This weekend was all about finishing some projects, photo shooting, searching for pumpkins at the local market and answering emails! In the meantime I also spent yesterday morning in the kitchen by roasting red peppers since this time of the year is red pepper season and in the afternoon enjoying coffee with friends!:)

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special?
Enjoy the rest of your Monday!:)

This Week

 Working on a new crochet pattern that employs color changes!:) It's so much fun to work with four different colors at the same time!

Another wip I'm aiming to finish within the weekend! I just love crocheting and drinking coffee!:)
Afternoon coffees with friends are always nice!
Here's little Kimba playing with the camera!:)
This was taken at the Thessaloniki Etsy team meeting! It was so fun to meet new people! Some crafting was involved too! Vivika (see her guest post on LTB here) from The Wandering Deer also brought her penguin!:)
And of course rain! Today is a very rainy day; it's been raining all morning, but I love the autumn colors  this time of year!

Happy Friday to all! This week is particularly busy! I'm working on two crochet projects at the same time and trying to keep up with daily life!:) I'm so excited and I can;t wait to show you!

I would like to thank you all for your kind and warm comments on my crochet slippers! It is nice to know that my patterns inspire you! This gives me strength and encourages me to design more patterns and keep sharing my crochet adventures!:) 

What have you been up to? Are you also working on two or more projects at the same time?

The Yarn Over List: Textured Bliss

Autumn Blanket / / I love the colors used in this blanket!
Mittens / / Lanusa's mittens seem ideal for the cold days!
Cowl / / I am soo in love with this chunky bobble cowl by Peoplewebs!
Headwarmer / / I love the trinity stitch Hippopotamus used for her headband!
 Weaving / / Cardboard weaving method by vvonder!
Illustration / / Peppermint tea.

Happy Monday to all! This week's favorites include lovely color combinations, and great textured stitches! I have never tried the trinity stitch but I immediately fell in live with its simplicity, based on single crochet clusters and of course its texture!

This weekend was all about meeting up with friends, lovely walks by the sea and of course warm coffees as the weather changed rather quickly around here! I also joined the Etsy team of Thessaloniki in their meeting at a lovely and cozy bistro downtown; it was all about meeting new people, discussing over coffee and tea and trying super delicious pies and cakes. I intend to share some photos of that event pretty soon:)

I also wanted to mention that The Yarn Box organized a list regarding the Top Crochet Designers of 2013 and I ranked in the fifth place! Yay! I feel so honored to be among such talented ladies and would like to thank all of you for lovely comments and support you're showing me through my crochet adventures. You can read all about it here and if you haven't joined TYB yet, you definitely should!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!:)