The Yarn Over List - FALL in love with FALL

Garland / / Mushrooms, leaves and acorns garland by Miga de Pan.
Amigurumi Desert Fox / / I love foxy the sleepy fella!
Acorns / / I love these cute little acorns .
Blanket / / I love the colors Chiaki uses for her ripple blanket! So cozy!

Illustration / / Fall Leaves.

October is almost here and the first changes in the weather have made their appearance! Today is a bit cloudy and rain is expected! I hope these week's finds inspire you  to welcome the new season!

This weekend was a relaxing weekend. OK there was some crocheting as well!:) I'm working on a Halloween themed project and I can't wait to show you!:)  We also went on a little excursion near Thessaloniki and admired the lovely autumnal foliage! I really when the colors of nature are changing!:)

How did you spent your weekend? 
Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


  1. The garland on the first picture is fantastic! I'll try to make it...

  2. the garland is awesome!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  3. What an original idea with the garland, it looks so natural with those neutral shades of yarn. Sleepy fox just waiting to stretch with a yawn, too cute. I love the falling leaves, inspiration in taking those autumnal colours away with me.

    My weekend was spent browsing through a new crochet book and messing around with pencil and paper to see what my next project might be. I tried out a few new to me crochet techniques too and finally settled on designing a back fastening baby sweater. I'm using up the left over yarn from my baby sleeping bag. There's plenty here so I'm thinking of making a trio of baby sweaters/vests with it.