{Sponsor Feature: Yarn Talk with Lise from Treliz}

Today I’d like to introduce you to the beautiful hand-dyed yarns of Lise aka Treliz one of this month’s Little Things Blogged sponsors.

How did you become interested in dyeing and selling your own yarn?
I recently learned how to knit and how to crochet, but as much as I liked it it wasn’t stimulating enough. So I started reading and learning more about different kind of wool and about the fiber process, because what I loved from the start it was the softness of the material combined with color. A skein dyed is always different, unique! Even if you take 2 similar skeins dyed with the same method, and make the same pattern… The result will be different… and that amazes me! 
I have always loved color, since a very early age I was painting, so when I realized that I could dye my own yarn.. I just did it!  The selling part came only naturally because I could not keep all that yarn for me, but even before that I had started to sell some other hand processed yarns because I couldn’t find easily in Greece the softness that I wanted and I was always buying from abroad.
What are your colour inspirations, and how do you decide what colours to include in your range? 
I am inspired as many artists by nature. All the color combinations are used in nature, some more often than others, but it never stops to surprise me. Like the hand dyed skeins there is nothing the same. Everything and everyone is different: sunsets, waves, flowers, animals, bugs, people… 
I love the orange and purple ranges, but with dyeing I have come to realize that I like a lot yellows and greens...I try to be spontaneous when I chose the colors I am going to use in a colorway, but sometimes I have on my mind a word or an idea… like for example: greens and browns like a forest.. or blues and whites like the ocean.
Do you also spin yarn? Do you use a drop spindle or a wheel?
I have hand spun yarn for a couple of months in a drop spindle and enjoyed it very much, but I am very impatient and wanted results faster, and I ordered and shipped a spinning wheel without ever trying one before.  My teacher was youtube for one more time, blogs and reading…and then just practice, again and again… and I really love it!
Which is your favorite fiber & why?
I have two favorites: the first one is Alpaca and the second one is Angora. 
If you have seen a Hyacaya Alpaca, you know why I love them: they are so cute, gentle and have an amazing coat! Soft and warm!
The Angora fiber that comes from Angora rabbits, is the most soft thing I have ever touched, it feels literally like working with clouds. The only sad thing is that I am allergic to it, so I have to put a mask while working with Angora otherwise I sneeze a lot! But I think I will soon have another favorite as I am waiting for Panda wool. Yes, the bear…!
Do you know how to knit or crochet? When and how did you learn?
Yes I do. I started knitting last October, when I saw with a friend a shawl (that we never made) that was sooo beautiful that made us take the decision and ask her mom to give us knitting lessons. So every Monday we gathered and we were having tea/cake and showed our progress. Suddenly K6 P9 YO, made sense and soon enough we had multiple projects. Crochet followed around Christmas when we decided to make each one of us a blanket until Easter time.
Are you working on any interesting projects at the moment?
I am always working on several projects, I find it more stimulating. I work on several cowls, some with handspun yarn for a more artsy look, some with chunky yarns and I have one that I use silk hankies (it is my favorite by far…I looove it). I have a baby blanket that is for a friend and I recently made a poncho for me..
What do you most love about yarn?
The combination of feeling the fiber and the color. Touch and sight.

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  1. interesting reading!!!! Panda yarn!!!! wow!!! I wanna see asap!!!!
    thank you for sharing the links and this nice interview!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. Great interview. I love the photos! and Panda!? Awesome!

  3. I saw the dyed yarn on Facebook, these colors are amazing and they remind me of multi-color mohair from my childhood, more than 25 years ago!

  4. Thank you for your kind words :)

    I will be glad to see you on my blog/facebook/etsy shop :)

    <3 the fiber!