{Crochet Newborn Shoes}

I recently bought a new Greek crochet magazine! When I saw this adorable baby shoes pattern inside I knew I had to give it a try! These shoes are going to my baby nephew who will be born around the end of next month!

For the baby shoes I used cotton yarn and 2 hook sizes; a 3.5mm (E) and a 4mm (G) hook. The shoes have two soles for extra warmth and firmness. The inner sole and details were made using white yarn and the 3.5mm hook while all the other parts were made using this bluish yarn and the 4mm hook! The whole shoe is crocheted using the hdc stitch!

I really enjoyed making these adorable tiny shoes! I  believe handmade creations are one of the best ways to show love.
How are your projects coming along? Have you crocheted any baby stuff recently?

{The Yarn Over List - Blueish Monday}

Blanket Stitch / / I really love this unique blanket stitch!
Timeless Tunisian Blanket / / This blanket is a work of art!
Blue Doily / / via by_dawnNN
Crochet Socks / / These look so cozy!
Illustration / / Blue Birds by Nadia Taylor.

My discoveries for this week's Yarn Over List are totally blueish.Blue is definitely a summer color and reminds of the ocean!  The combination of bluish colored yarns is striking; I really love it!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was really fun as we went to a nearby mountain for the weekend to relax and enjoy the nature!
These days the tempeatures are really high and it is almost unberable around here! 

I am also working on some crochet baby items hopefully within the week I will have finished my projects!

Did you do anything specila for the weekend?
Happy Monday to all!:)

{Crochet Mandala}

Mandalas are the new crochet trend! Swirling with colors and using a variety a stitches a mandala is definitely a fun (plus addictive) project! I made my own Madala following Wink's pattern! The pattern was easy to follow since it is accompanied by many pictures for each step! I used cotton yarn in my fave colors green and purple! I also added a bit of yellow so to spice it up! I really like the way the stitches blend with each other!
I think I'm addicted to them now! I'm planning on making some more. The process was really fun and exciting as I saw my mandlala take shape and form! If you're wondering about the crochet cacti in the photos check my pattern to make one yourself!
How are your projects coming along ?Have you ever made a Mandala for your home? 
Happy weekend to all!

{Crochet Raffia Bag}

I have been itching to crochet a bag for months now. Ever since I saw this amazing bag, I knew I wanted to give it a try.;) I went to my local yarn shop to buy some raffia yarn, so that I could start immediately. Crocheting with raffia yarn was not difficult at all, although it is quite different from crocheting with acrylic or wool yarn.
What is raffia yarn? Raffia yarn is made from viscose and is quite soft. I used 6 spools to make this bag, considering that each spool is 25g=57m (62 yards). The bag is crocheted with the hdc through back loops stitch apart from the top part which is crocheted using  sc and a 4mm (E) crochet hook.
The handles are also crocheted but I guess if one likes he could add wooden handles! It measures approx. 27cm high and 39cm wide which is a pretty adequate bag size, since all my bags are usually large!
I really like my new summer bag!  I did  not embellish the bag in anyway yet. I pretty much like its simplicity, it's my kind of style! Now I want to make some more bags using raffia yarn!
Have you ever crocheted with raffia? 

{The Yarn Over List - Creamy Dreamy Shades}

Knitting  Lace Throw / / Machteld made this absolutely gorgeous white throw! Check out the crochet edging she used here!
Crochet Heart / / Hearts are for every season! Just love it!
Crochet Stool Cover  / / Just love the colors used in this stool cover!
Crochet Baby Blanket  / /  I just love the simplicity of this cute blanket!
Amigurumi Bunny  / / My Back Yard Monster made this cute amigurumi bunny!
Illustration  / / Cup Beach.

This Yarn Over List was inspired by the lovely color of cream. I really like that shade, it's natural and fits almost anywhere!:)
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I worked on my raffia crochet bag and will show the outcome tomorrow. I am also working on Pedro the Bear's pattern which will be soon be available on a pdf detailed version pattern.:)

I'm also planing to start working on some fall and baby projects as my nephew will be born soon! Can't wait to make some baby stuff! 

How was your weekend? Did you work on anything special?
Happy Monday to all!

{Guest Post / / Amigurumi Tiny Octopus by The Wandering Deer}

I am excited to have Vivika from The Wandering Deer here with us today! Vivika makes the cutest and tiniest amigurumi pals; all of them starring in lovely stories! And today, she is here to share her pattern for Sissy the tiny octo! Take it away, Vivika…
Hello crochet lovers! I'm Vivika, I'm the owner of The Wandering Deer. I love making tiny animals, giving them names, stories and a good home. Today we will make a tiny octopus! Take your favorite hook and a ball of yarn and let's do it! This is the first pattern I publish, so please be kind!

Rnd: round
ch: chain
slst: slip stitch
sc: single crochet
dec: decrease
flo: Front loop only

Tools suggested
3.5mm hook
Medium weight yarn
Tapestry needle
6mm black beads or safety eyes
Black thread

Let's start! 
Rnd 1: make a magic ring, sc6. (6)
Rnd 2: 2sc around (12)
Rnd 3: *sc 1, 2sc in next sc* around (18)
Rnd 4: *sc 2 , 2sc in next sc* around (24)
Rnd 5-7: sc around (24)
Rnd 8: *sc 2, dec 1* around (18)
(if you would like to use safety eyes, now it's time!)
Rnd 9: *sc 1, dec 1* around (12) (stuff)
Rnd 10: dec 4 (8sts left), *ch5, sc in 2nd ch from hk, and to next 3 chs. _
Slst in flo of next st*. repeat 7 times (8 tentacles)
R11: work on front loops of Rnd10. dec around.
Fasten off.
Sew on eyes and embroider a smile!
Mmm, now a name... What about Sissy? 
Play around with yarns, colors and accessories and make your own unique octopus! 
Not in the mood to make one? Buy one handmade by me with lots of love here!
*This pattern is for personal use only! Please do not sell items made of this pattern, or the pattern itself.


*Can't wait to try the pattern myself! Make sure you visit Vivika's blog for more amigurumi cuteness!
P.S If you're interested in guest posting on Little Things Blogged email me!

{Crochet Raffia Bag Wip}

As said in my yesterday's post, I started working on a new project, a summer bag, using raffia yarn! Working with raffia is rather new to me, but I have to say it does not vary much from using wool or acrylic yarn! The only thing is that it is a bit more sensitive as it has the tendency to curve when crocheting. Other that that it's fun and easy as it is worked with large hooks (although I'm using a 4mm (E) hook)!

My bag is progressing quickly and hopefuly I will have it ready within the week! It's the first time I'm making my own bag and I'm pretty excited! I'm using brown yarn for my bag and I'm also thinking of embellishing it by adding some summery details! I still have not decided, but I guess that's the easiest part of all!:)

What projects are you working on at the moment? Have you ever tried crocheting with raffia yarn?
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{The Yarn Over List - Ponchos, Pillows and Popsicles}

Poncho / /  I really love the colors Sara used to make her poncho!
Crochet Edging / / I love Heidi's placemats! The tulips are adorable, as is her edging!
Doily Seat Cover / / Isn't this idea  perfect to embellish a bike?
Heart Garland / / Annette's garland is great for any season! 

Crochet Pillow / /  This pillow made from T-Shirt yarn is just lovely! 

I just love these crochet finds! I really love the fact that inspiration is never running out!

How was your weekend? I spent mine crocheting on a new project using raffia yarn! Raffia is quite easy to use! Hopefully within the week I will finish my project and post more details about the experience of crocheting with this kind of yarn!

I hope you had a great weekend too! Did you do anything special?
Happy Monday to all!

{Crochet Goodness}

This weekend will be full of crocheting! Yay! I have started working on a new pastel crochet project! It's going to be something for the house! I will finish it through the weekend and will keep you updated!

I am also experimenting on new stitches and techniques from a crochet book I have! I really love experimenting and learning new stitches! The creativity options are vast and like a million of new projects keep popping in my head! :)

I also went to the local yarn shop to buy some raffia yarn! I plan on making a summer bag from a lovely crochet pattern I discovered! So excited! Can't wait to actually start the project! 

I just love crocheting weekends! What are your plans for the weekend? Will you start/finish any projects?
Happy crafty weekend to all!