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June was filled with a lot of colorful crocheting...! These are just a few snapshots of my favorite projects this month, like my daisy granny pincushion, my candle cosy made especially for Habitual Homebody's May CAL, Monica's lovely pot covers, and my granny square motifs!

I am so excited about the new month ahead. First of all July is my birthday month! I am also working on a new project for a special day! So excited! 

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Happy weekend to all!

{Summer Plants}

Last weekend we went for plant shopping! We already had some palnts on the balcony, but it's always nice to have a few more! We bought a celosia (the red flame looking one) a rasberry shrub, which has already started to produce some fruit; some herbs, lavender, oregano, dill, mint and spearmint!

My bougainvillea really enjoys the sun and keeps blooming like crazy! I really love this bright pink color!
I am also thinking of making some herb markers! I 'll keep you posted!
The plants seem to enjoy the place and keep growing lovely! I can't wait to see what they will look like in a few more weeks.:)

{Granny Square Pillow Progress}

After posting my granny square motif pattern, I decided to turn it into a new pillow for my sofa. I planned to work with four colors for my pillow, yellow, pink, green and orange but the pillow I had available was a smaller size, so I decided to use only three of the above colors and leave the pink out. I arranged my grannies and joined them using the only in back loops single crochet method. I really like this method as it creates a lovely pop out yarn effect!

Having the squares crocheted together, I wanted to create some kind of an edging to make it a bit more colorful. I used my orange yarn and made a simple double crochet edging found here. For the time being I have only made one round but I'm thinking of completing all three Tracey suggests.

For the back side I decided to make a huge granny square, consisting of fourteen rounds in total, alternating the colors. I chose to make it a bit differently from my first pillow, which I crocheted using a simple double crochet stitch, so that I can practically change the front and back sides of the pillow.

I still need to sew the two parts together and finish the edging which will hopefully be completed within the week! I hope you like my second pillow attempt!:)

{The Yarn Over List - Summer Finds}

Harlequin Blanket  / / Wool and Stool made this loooovely blanket! Absolutely gorgeous!
Crochet summer Pillow / / I love this beautiful flower motif made as the trim around pillow cushions. So boho looking!
Crochet Maybelle Square / / Annette made these lovely maybelle flowers and then transformed them into squares!
Tapestry Crochet  / /  These are the prettiest necklaces ever!
Illustration  / / Hot summer days scream for ice cream!

This Yarn Over List is inspired by summer which made it's appearance! It is quite hot in Thessaloniki these days! Also today is a national holiday so the city is rather empty as almost everybody went to the nearby beaches!

We did not hit the beaches this weekend, but stayed in the city and went for another plant shopping! We bought such lovely plants, I will post some pictures within the week. I also managed to (almost) finish  my granny square pillow despite the heat! Yay! 

What did you do the weekend? Did you go to any beach? How are your projects coming along?
Happy Monday to all!

{Yarn in Crochet Colowork}

We all have found some projects where color changes are required! It is OK when we have to change colors at the end of a row and continue the next row with the new color, but what happens when we have to change colors once or even more within the same row?

I'm currently working on such a project. It demands constant color changes so if I went for the traditional method, attach new color to the last unfinished sc stitch and finish the stitch with new color, then a constant cutting of yarn would be involved! Far too messy for a project like that! :(
There is also the process of carrying your yarn along and working over it, but in this case I didn't find it handy as the yellow old color was still visible beneath the new white color!
So I thought of carrying the old color yarn along at the back side as crocheting with the new color, so that it pops right out when needed! Yay! The thing is that if you do not leave enough cm or inches of the carried along yarn your project will start to lose it's shape and somehow "shrink" as the yarn tightens!
In the picture above you can see that the yellow carried along yarn has enough "space" so that my project won't lose it's shape! In this case I have pulled the yarn up a bit so that you can see what I mean!

I hope all this makes sense to you! I am also not sure if there is a term for this process! What method do you use when changing colors? Do you cut off your yarn?

{The Yarn Over List - Bits & Bobs}

Amigurumi Sushi / / Anneris creates the most lovely, cute and kawaii style food you've ever seen!
Amigurumi Tiki Totem / / Heda on over to Christina's blog Oh!Villo to make this lovely summer totem!
Crochet Upcycled Bag / / Have you got a simple white cotton bag? Dress it up and make it look brand new as Eilen Teil did!
 Tapestry Crochet / / Perfect for the summer by Knits for Life!
Blanket / / My next big project! Love the stitch and colors used in this blankie!
 Illustration / / Just a reminder by Helen!

This week's list has no particular theme! Just bits and bobs I adored last week!

How was your weekend? Mine was excellent! Summer returned finally!:) We went a walk on the nearby mountain! It was absolutely wonderful! 
Also I went plant shopping! I think that summer is the perfect season for plant shopping! So many lovely colors and such a great variety to choose from!

I also worked on my WIP project. As said I'm experimenting with a new technique which seems to be working out great! I will post a tutorial on this soon!

I hope you had a great weekend too! Did you do anything special?
Happy Monday to all!

{Around Here...}

This week is a rather rainy one. It rains every afternoon, that I come to think where has summer gone? 
My flowers keep blooming though , brightening the rainy days! One more thing that makes me happy is Kimba my cat that keeps posing at very chance she gets! Happy cat!
My granny squares are progressing rather slooooowly. I am planning on finishing them up though  as I want to try a new version for the back side of the pillow, not to crochet one piece but perhaps making a large granny square?!

I am also working on a new project which I will keep secret for now! I am using yellow and white yarn and I am using a technique when changing colors! I'm carrying the yarn along which makes it much easier than having to cut off all the time! So happy to manage this otherwise it would all be a yarnie mess!:)

What have you been up to? Are you working on any new projects?
Happy weekend to all!

{Guest Post / / Colorful Crochet Pot Covers by Mon Makes Things}

I am excited to have Monica from Mon Makes Things here with us today! If you haven’t, check out her site, it has all sorts of fun crafts, and lovely crochet projects. And today, she is here to share her pattern for these coloful crochet pot covers. Take it away, Monica…
Hi there, Little Things Blogged readers! I am so excited to be sharing a summery pattern with you today here on Tania's blog. Doesn't Tania make the cutest amigurumi you've ever seen? I'm so smitten with her critters and projects that I just did an interview with her not too long ago. And now here I am, writing my first ever guest post (oh boy, oh boy!). Again, I'm just super excited over here. ;)
Tania asked me to come up with something colorful, fun, and summery, and I'm hoping this fits the bill. I've been craving some greenery in my life, and knew I wanted to use some neon cord I scored at the hardware store recently in more summery projects. I tried crocheting the entire pot cover with white cord, and it can be done... But I love the contrast in texture you get from mixing regular yarn with the cord. 

Stuff you'll need: SOCKER pots from IKEA in small and medium, worsted weight yarn (white), neon cord from the hardware store (in the rope section!), 4.25mm (G) & 5mm (H) crochet hooks, and a lighter.
*This exact pattern is for the small pot with pink cording.

Using your worsted weight yarn and 4.25mm (G) crochet hook, make a magic ring.
Rnd 1 - 6 sc into the ring = 6 sts
Rnd 2 - 2 sc into each st around, join with slpst = 12 sts
Rnd 3 - ch 4, tr into same st, 2 tr into each st around, join = 24 sts
Rnd 4 - ch 4, 2 tr into each st around, 1 tr in last st, join = 46 sts
Rnd 5 - In back loops only (BLO), ch 1, sc in same st, sc in each st around = 46 sts
Rnd 6 - sc in each st around = 46 sts
Rnd 7 - sc in each st around, join = 46 sts
Rnd 8 - ch 4, sk 1 st, dc in next st, *ch 1, sk 1 st, dc in next st*, repeat from * around, join = 46 sts
Rnd 9 - In BLO, ch 1, sc in same st, sc in each st around = 46 sts
Rnd 10 - In BLO, sc in each st around, join = 46 sts
Rnd 11 - In BLO, ch 4, tr in each st around, join = 46 sts
Rnd 12 - ch 6, sk 2 st, tr in next st, *ch 2, sk 2 st, tr in next st*, repeat from * around, sk last 3 sts, ch 3, join = 46 sts
Rnd 13 - ch 1, sc in same st, 2 sc in each space, 1 sc in each tr, 3 sc in last space = 46 sts
Rnd 14 - sc in each st around = 46 sts
Rnd 15 - sc in each st around, finish off & weave in ends = 46 sts

Stretch your pot cover over your pot and grab your neon cording. Weave your cording around the pot through your treble crochet stitches in round 12. You will have an odd number of trebles, so I simply wove the cord under two stitches in a row (you can see this on the purple pot), but you could also continue alternating for a different look. When you are satisfied with the fill of your cord, cut it and carefully melt the ends with a lighter.
For the purple pot, I simply switched the order of the rows as I went for a different arrangement. Use your imagination! :) 

For the larger pot, the pattern is essentially the same (though again, I switched the order of the rows), but rather than using the 4.25mm (G) hook, you will use the 5mm (H) hook. This simple switch changes the gauge enough for the crochet work to fit over the larger pot! 

Now you just need some plants for your pretty pretty pots! I am hoping to eventually turn these into hanging planters, but I don't have hooks for hanging planters in my apartment right now. I'm moving soon, and you better believe I'm gonna hang some plants in my new place. ;) I'll post an update on my blog if and when I get these babies converting into hanging baskets! Thanks for having me, readers, and happy crocheting!

Can't wait to try the pattern myself! Make sure you visit Monica's blog for lots more crochet projects!
P.S If you're interested in guest posting on Little Things Blogged email me!

{Featured: A Mommypage Interview}

On Saturday I was featured on Mommypage! I might not be a mommy yet but I'm so happy that I can provide inspiration to all the mommies out there!:)
Mommypage is a community with helpful tips for new mommies and much more! They have also recently launched a craft section with many interesting DIY's!

The interview was about the process of making amigurumis and I shared all my tips on how to make stuffed animals as well as some general crocheting tips that have helped me!
You can check out the whole interview here!:)

{The Yarn Over List - Crochet Man}

Crochet Drill / / It's definitely the perfect gift for any man!

Crochet Tools / / Aren't these the cutest ever?
Crochet Spy Watch  / / I love this little gadget! So funny!
Crochet Headphone Cover / /  I just love these! Crochet Bloke made these for himself but of course these can also work for ladies!
Illustration / / City Gent by Monster Riot!

Hello hello!

This week's list is inspired for men and the upcoming Father's Day! So many lovely projects to make!

How was your weekend? Mine was full of relaxing, crocheting and working on some changes to be made on  my blog! Hopefully this week I will have completed them!:)

I started working on a new crochet project and my crochet granny squares are stacking up for my new pillow! I was thinking of making some colored edging but I'm not sure on that yet! Also I'm looking for a nice blanket to work on during the summer! Have you got any suggestions on that matter?

Did you  start or finish up any crochet projects?
Happy Monday to all!

{Daisy Granny Square Pincushion}

I recently discovered Helen Philipp's blog! This lady creates wonderful things and has got lovely pictures to accompany her projects! Upon surfing her site I saw a pincushion she had made from some leftover daisy granny squares! So I decided to make my own. I hope you like my pincushion too!

  • yarn in yellow, white and any color you like for the squares
  • 3.00 mm crochet hook 
  • fiberfill
  • Yarn needle
Daisy granny squares:

With yellow,
ch4 and form a circle with a sl.st.
R1: ch1,7sc in circle sl st to beg ch

With white,
R2: ch3 and make 2dc in same space, ch1, *3dc in next space, ch1* rep from* 6 times, sl st to 3rd ch from beg ch

With color of your choice,
R3: ch 3, 2dc ch1, 3dc in same space (first corner), * 3dc in next ch1 space, 3dc,ch1, 3dc (next corner)* rep from *5 times. Finish off and fasten off.

Joining your squares:
In order to join your granny squares you are going to sc them together. Of course you may use any other joining method you like, but I prefer this one since I like the effect it creates.

Back Piece:
You have to measure he exact number of stitches used to join your granny squares to determnine the size of your back piece. Mine was 20 stitches, so I chained 23, and worked dcs in rows. Make sure you measure your back piece so that it fits promptly before sewing it to the front.

You have to sew the front and back piece together now. I used sc in order to create a border effect. You may use any method you like e.g. sl.st or even whipstitch them together. Before closing add some fiberfill. Upon doing that add a button to the center to give it a cushionlike effect! That's it! Enjoy your pincushion!:)
P.S. It can also be used as a sachet for your closet if you add a herb potpourri!