{Weekend Plans}

Another week went by! A very crochetful one, I have to admit! 
I have got so many projects to complete and finish off. I started making some monkeys this week, hopefully they will be completed during the weekend! I also made some more of my cacti

Remember my tea cup ornament? I made a few more and changed the pattern a bit, so that they would match my crochet cake, which I'm going to serve during the craft fair I'm participating! I will post the pattern changes during next week!

Also my secret amigurumi project is coming along quite nice! I started stuffing and sewing the pieces together although being a bit tricky. ;) What are your weekend plans? Do you also have multiple projects coming along? Happy Weekend to all!

P.S. I've also got another surprise for you! But more about that during the weekend, so make sure you stop by!


  1. the monkeys are so cute!!! really love the colours!!!
    xxxx Ale

  2. Hi Tania
    It's really lovely to meet you - I looooove your little blog, its right up my street - I haven't found a blog that I love so much for a while now ... so thank you for visiting me and leading me back to you :o)
    Em xx

  3. I'm very excited to see your new stuff. I' m wondering what your surprise amigurumi will look like and what the other surprise will be XD

    At this weekend I won't do any amigurumi but yesterday I finally finished my chocobo and a little red parrot is in progress ^^

    P.S. Thank you so much for your comment to my bunny and for following my blog :3...I'm very happy about that <3

    1. I really loved your bunny!:)

      Can't wait to see your chocobo!