It's official! Spring has arrived! My flowers on the balcony have started to bloom! :) Apart from that the temperature rose pretty much! Yesterday we had 23°C! It was pretty warm!

I made some more of my crochet cacti! I decided to make the flowers  for the cacti a bit larger, and also chose a yellow color for the round cactus!

I also made some kokeshi dolls!  The blue one is one of my favorites now! I added some sparkly beads on the top of the head and in the sun they actually sparkle! Remember my basic bear pattern? I made another one, just this time I added amigurumi eyes! When I first made it I couldn't seem to find any locally so I gave him beads as eyes! I still have to embellish him though!

The craft fair starts tomorrow! I'm so nervous and excited at the same time! How was your week? Any special plans for the weekend?

Happy Friday and weekend to all!:)


  1. In Germany it's also very warm and all flowers start to bloom.

    Your little bear is very cute. I like his face because it' s like those of old plush teddies XD.

    Do you exhibit on this fair? (I hope I used the right word XD). If it is so I wish you good luck and a lot of visitors ^^

  2. I wish a wonderful craft fair!!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  3. Hello! I am very glad you are enjoying the weather and that you have a crafts fair coming up! I hope it'll turn out great :D

  4. I love the spring cacti! Have fun at the craft fair! I'm hoping to soak up some sunshine this weekend! :)

  5. Those cacti are so cute! Makes me want to learn crochet as well!