{The Yarn Over List - In Sunny Mood...}

Amigurumi Strawberry / / It's strawberry season alright! I love this little cutie by the Sun and the Turtle!
Amigurumi Ice Cream / / These little cuties look so yummy! Perfect for summer!
Amigurumi Octopus / / Aren't these the cutest ever? I just love the colors used in each one! The pattern is in Dutch but that's not a problem!:)
Sun / / Petra made this cute sun using felt and yarn!
Illustration / /  You fill me with sunshine by Freya!

This list was created especially due to the high temperatures of the weekend! It was a quite warm weekend, I even ate my first ice cream!;)

Apart from the heat, this was a busy weekend as I participated in a local craft fair! It was fabulous,  I enjoyed it a lot and was happy because all my friends passed by! I will post some pictures of that tomorrow!

I also found time to make some new projects, all in summery mood!:) How was your weekend? Did you finish up any projects or made something new?

Happy Monday to all!:)


It's official! Spring has arrived! My flowers on the balcony have started to bloom! :) Apart from that the temperature rose pretty much! Yesterday we had 23°C! It was pretty warm!

I made some more of my crochet cacti! I decided to make the flowers  for the cacti a bit larger, and also chose a yellow color for the round cactus!

I also made some kokeshi dolls!  The blue one is one of my favorites now! I added some sparkly beads on the top of the head and in the sun they actually sparkle! Remember my basic bear pattern? I made another one, just this time I added amigurumi eyes! When I first made it I couldn't seem to find any locally so I gave him beads as eyes! I still have to embellish him though!

The craft fair starts tomorrow! I'm so nervous and excited at the same time! How was your week? Any special plans for the weekend?

Happy Friday and weekend to all!:)

{The Yarn Over List - Butterflies in the Air }

Amigurumi Amineko / / Amineko created by Turnicote... a cloche-pied! I just love her blog!
Crochet Pyramids / / Evon's pattern for these pyramids is pretty easy and is made with scraps of yarn!
Crochet Butterfly / / Monica's butterfly is very beautiful! it was made using Marie's lovely pattern!
Crochet Hearts / / Marinke's little hearts can be whipped up very quickly! Love them!
Illustration / / Butterflies, papillons, farfalle, mariposas, schmetterlinge. Just love them.

These finds are very inspiring. I particularly loved the crochet butterfly. Perhaps need to whip up some in the next few days. 

The weekend was a very crafty one. I finished some of my amigurumis since the fair I'm participating is takinng place this weekend. It's the first time I'm participating in such an event so I'm a bit nervous! The weather was quite sunny, and very springlike. Finally!;)

I hope you had a great weekend too. What did you do? Did you do start any new projects?

{Color Snippets}

It's amazing how fast time goes by! The happy and bright yarn colors really make my day! I can't wait to start making some crochet projects with these lovely colors!

This week I finally finished my amigurumi Minnie Mouse and some amigurumi monkeys but I am planning on making some more in funky colors! I'm currently making some more of my amigurumi animals and as you can see the basket has started to fill up nicely!

The last photos are the amazing work of Alexia from Circulo Baby Clothing who hosted a giveaway and I won Voodoo Girl. Yay! Voodoo Girl is a poem of Tim Burton! Once again, thanks Alexia for the lovely gift!

What are your plans for the weekend? Will you be finishing up any projects?

Happy Friday to all!:)

{Amigurumi Minnie Mouse}

 My secret amigurumi project is finally ready!:)

A friend's daughter is obsessed with Minnie Mouse! When I say obsessed I mean obsessed! When he asked if I could make a Minnie Mouse ami for her, I was thrilled! Minnie's pattern is free, but in Japanese, which means one must be able to follow Japanese crochet charts and be acquainted with Japanese crochet terms.

A nice crochet symbol tutorial can be found on Sewing Daisies. Heidi has also written some wonderful tips on international crochet symbols which are very helpful and I recommend reading her notes before making Minnie!

So, once you have done your homework you may start making Minnie. Minnie has got a lot of parts to assemble, but that shouldn't frighten you at all. She measures approx. 30cm (12 inches) long. I made her using a 3.5mm hook. Also, the bow was not included in the pattern so I made one myself.
Pattern: Minnie Mouse
Minnie's Bow:
With pink
Ch 25
R1: sc in second ch from hook, ch1 turn (24)
R2-17: sc in each st, ch1 turn (24)
Fasten off. Pinch in middle, take some yarn and start wrapping it around the middle. Make a knot and finish off. Attach to top of head.


Pom-poms!! Who doesn't love them? They are easy to make, using just scraps of yarn and can literally have many uses. They can be used for garlands, simple decoration purposes and even as bunny tails!:) I use pom-poms for all my bunny tails, but his time I'm going to use them as decoration on my table at the craft fair I'm participating next weekend!

So here goes!
Cut two cardboard pieces, any size you want remembering to leave an opening! The bigger you cut the cardboard the bigger your pom-poms! I chose a small size!
Start to fold yarn around your cardboard! A lot of folding is needed!;)
When you finish with the yarn, using your scissors cut the yarn in the middle space where the two cardboards meet holding tight. Take a piece of yarn and make a knot between the two cardboards.
This will be your pom-pom so far!
And now the fun part! Start trimming your pom-pom to get it all fuzzy! 
Admire your pom-pom! Make many of them in lots of colors and sizes!:)

{The Yarn Over List - Cats, Bears and Bows}

 Crochet Pin / / This and many more cute crochet pins by Malu.
Amigurumi / / A Voir Etc's cat with it's little moustache made my day!
Crochet Mini Bows / / Gedane's bows are a few out of many cute things she makes!
Craft / / I love this cat phone sleeve by Lana Red!
Illustration / / Very springlike illustration by Florencia Denis!

Although yesterday the day began with rain, during the afternoon the sun made it's appearance.:) On Saturday I guest posted over at Stitch and Unwind with a free pattern for a crochet wreath to celebrate spring!

Also my projects are almost finished, including my secret project! Hopefully I will finish up today and show it to you durng the week!

How was your weekend? Did you do anytihng special?
Happy Monday to all!:)

{Crochet Spring Wreath}

Remember the surprise I was telling you about? Well here it is! A crochet wreath to welcome spring!:)

I'm guest posting over at Stitch and Unwind with this free pattern for a crochet spring wreath! Apart from using a vibrant pink color for the wreath itself and the flowers that combine it, I decided to embellish the wreath with a small amigurumi bee!

Go check it out and make one yourselves!

Happy Weekend to all!

{Weekend Plans}

Another week went by! A very crochetful one, I have to admit! 
I have got so many projects to complete and finish off. I started making some monkeys this week, hopefully they will be completed during the weekend! I also made some more of my cacti

Remember my tea cup ornament? I made a few more and changed the pattern a bit, so that they would match my crochet cake, which I'm going to serve during the craft fair I'm participating! I will post the pattern changes during next week!

Also my secret amigurumi project is coming along quite nice! I started stuffing and sewing the pieces together although being a bit tricky. ;) What are your weekend plans? Do you also have multiple projects coming along? Happy Weekend to all!

P.S. I've also got another surprise for you! But more about that during the weekend, so make sure you stop by!

{Amigurumi in progress}

Lately I have been working on a very special amigurumi project. Clearly the pink color gives a few hints... but I'm not going to reveal anything! It's a surprise!

I have almost finished crocheting all the necessary parts and hopefully by Thursday I will have completed the whole project! I run out of yarn yesterday while crocheting, so today I must definitely go and buy some!

How are yur projects coming along? Making anything special too?

{The Yarn Over List - Neon Splash}

Crochet Neon Flags / / I love these neon flags made by Funky Fox.
Amigurumi Monkeys / / Pfang's cute neon pink monkeys are adorable!
Crochet  Mini Granny Squares / / Crochet Pocket's cute mini granny squares in pink made my day!
Crochet Plant Hangers / / Neon plant hangers by Lily and Lucy.
Art / / Funky cup illustration by MNML THING.

It's raining again!:( Although Saturday was a very warm and sunny day, since yesterday it's raining almost constantly. I spent the weekend crocheting. 

Yesterday I finished Greg the Crab Monster and started working on a very special pattern. I also finished a project for a special post, I will let you know what it is during the week.

How did you spent your weekend? Did you do anything special? Happy Monday to all! :)