{The Yarn Over List - Hangers, Buttons and Cats}

Crochet hangers / / Amanda has made so very cute crochet hangers! I jus t love the colors she used!
Crochet Flower Coasters / / Lovely happy coasters by ChiWei.
 Crochet Buttons / / Wink made some lovely crochet buttons!
Art / /  It's all about cats according to Ella. Percy the cat while following a cat (obviously!) crochet pattern.

This weekend was full of crocheting for me! I worked on writing down Miku the Panda pattern. I also made some granny squares for a pillow. I will share photos of this project I am working on tomorrow!

Overall, it was a very productive weekend.  How was your weekend? Happy Monday to all!:)


  1. LOVE the hangers. Also that crocheting kitty cat is so cute! Have a great week! :)

    1. Thanks Erica!!

      I loved the kitty the most!

  2. Oh this hngers are so beautiful :-)
    best wishes