{Happy Christmas}

Happy Christmas to all of you my lovely friends!!! 
As we say it in Greece Καλά Χριστούγεννα (Kala Christougena)!

{Crochet Chunky Scarf-Free Pattern}

I have always wanted to crochet a chunky for myself and when I came found this burgundy chunky yarn, I actually fell in love with it!
The scarf is 2 meters long and  12 cm wide and features a ribbed pattern!
It was an easy project so I would say its suitable for beginners as well!

  • 10mm crochet hook
  • chunky yarn, preferably 100% wool
R1: Ch 200, turn and HDC into second ch from hook, then HDC in each st to end, turn,ch 2.
R2. HDC tbl (through back loops) to end of row, turn ch 2.
R3-R10: repeat R2
You can add fringes, change colors, surface crochet, or simply add a finishing touch with an alternative color as I did!
Happy Crocheting!

{Amigurumi Blue Monkey}

I created another monkey in blue this time! I also decided to add wobbly goo goo eyes!
I think he's even cuter this time!

{Granny Beanie}

When I saw this post over at Revlie's lovely and colorful blog I decided to make a colorful granny square beanie for myself!
It was a quick project and the size can be easily adjusted to fit any head size. Her pattern actually fitted exactly my head, so I didn't have to make any important modifications. I decided to add some tassels to the earflaps to make it even more funky!!
If you want to add tassels, decide how long you’d like them and how thick you want them. If
I like to use 2 or 3 strands. 
This is totally up to you. Double over your strands, string them through your very last ST at the tip of your earflaps, and braid to the desired length.
Simple as that! From here, you can customize your hat with whatever you want – a flower, a tassel on top, or even a pom pom!

Crochet Spiderman Hat

Hi you guys!!! Long time no see....Things have been quite hectic around here, and quite cold!! The temperature dropped a lot, reaching -1 °C. Yep, it;s that cold!
Anyways, a good friend of mine asked if I could make her a Spiderman hat for her godson, a cute little 3- year-old boy, obsessed with Spiderman!

I followed Jennifer's tutorial for the SpiderWeb Beanie, but changed the colors to red and black!
She uses orange as the Web Color and black as the Background Color, I used black as the WC and red as  the BC.

The hat is quite easy to make, although at first I presumed that the Treble Crochet stitch she uses to create the web effect would be demanding. On the contrary the pattern was easy to follow!

With white:
R1: Ch 12, turn (12)
R2: skip first stitch, 1 sc to end, turn (11)
R3:  skip first stitch, 1 sc to end, turn (10)
R4-8: repeat the above pattern until you have 6 sc (6)
Do NOT fasten off. Join black yarn and sc around twice. 
Attach to hat.
Hope you like my Spiderman Hat!
Happy holidays to all!